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Rod Ferreira PRO

Guitar Teacher
Maricopa County, Arizona, US

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Acoustic guitar


Electric Guitar


I do what I can to make sure everybody is ready to become a great guitar player and have fun in the process, while learning what they want to learn! My programs focuses on fixing the “bad habits” that some students may have, in a very short period of time. My lessons are individualized and It will teach you everything you may have missed from when you first started playing guitar

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Bachelor - University Of North Dakota


Performed across the USA - Recording Artist


Teaching music since 2008

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Amazing Sounds Performed

By Ferreira

Rod Ferreira

September 16 4 months ago

Elements Of Music (Kind of COOL to know : )

Here is something every musician should know, or at least have an idea about it! It helps to understand music and to communicate with other musicians:

Elements of Music

Rhythm: The organization of musical events in time.

Things to Know

Student Essentials

You will need a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone...

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Online Lessons are all attended on the Zoom video conferencing platform. After...

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Cancellation Policy

Lessons can be canceled or rescheduled directly on the platform using the...

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Extra Tip

You can always think ahead and get a few things ready before...

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