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Andrew Arcilla PRO

Monmouth County, New Jersey, US

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I am a classical musician of over 20 years gone Nightlife and Event DJ.

Growing up I had dreams of teaching my love of music and performing.

I attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University for Music Education and Music Performance. Though I had wonderful opportunities and had many great performance experiences around the world, I also had a life changing realization. I no longer wanted to pursue my dream of being a music teacher like the many that inspired my love for my entire life.

Fast Forward to post-college and I had nothing. I had no job or any prospects to do anything with my life.

It was the art of DJ’ing that helped me rediscover my love of music. What was once a thing I very rarely dabbled in as a kid (Not many people had access to gear!), became the main tool used to express anything and everything I ever wanted to feel. Music became fun again.

Not only was I able to do something that was fun and enjoyable, but I was able to do it for a living.

I was a DJ almost every night for over 10 years after that.

As a DJ, I didn’t just learn about how to mix and scratch, and sample. I didn’t just learn a lot of useful computer skills. I didn’t just learn about how to brand myself and get booked. I learned about how to make peace with my surroundings and with myself. That is the true art. DJ’ing is you and you are the DJ.

As an instructor at Music 4 Humans, I hope to influence the DJ’s of today, tomorrow, and beyond to not be discouraged by today’s state of the nightlife. There are plenty of mediums to play online, as well as in the private event sector, and I am certain nightlife will come back as awesome as it always has been. I was just so lucky and fortunate to have gotten to do a little bit of everything in my career as a professional. And no matter what your goal is as a DJ, I hope that it helps you learn and grow. Now is a great opportunity to learn this art form, and I look forward to sharing my experiences to help you become the DJ you’ve always wanted to become.

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Students will also have access to original youtube content that can be used in the supplement to their learning.

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BA - Rutgers University

BA-Music - Rutgers University


Resident Video DJ at Comedy Cellar NYC


Freelance Video DJ

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