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Music 4 Humans

October 2 3 days ago

The M4H Podcast Episode 2 Matej Jovanovic

The Music 4 Humans Podcast Episode 2 Matej Jovanovic In The Music 4 Humans Podcast episode 2, Matej Jovanovic and Louis discuss the importance of finding and creating your place…

Music 4 Humans

October 1 4 days ago

The Music 4 Humans Podcast | Precious Perez |

The Music 4 Humans Podcast | Precious Perez | In this first episode of The Music 4 Humans Podcast, Louis Racicot interviews the young Berklee graduate, singer, and songwriter Precious…

Music 4 Humans

September 26 1 week ago

Differences between acoustic piano and digital piano

Playing the piano can be a great way to express yourself and develop your creativity. To begin with, you need the right instrument. As a beginner, you may be wondering…

Music 4 Humans

September 16 3 weeks ago

How to become a music producer?

What makes a track so good? Was it the singer? Or was it the soulful rendition of the violinist? Or was it the technology used that made it sound so…

Music 4 Humans

September 6 4 weeks ago

5 simple ways to improve your vocal stamina

Singing one song or humming a tune may be easy. However, singing for long hours at a concert is completely different. After singing continuously for a long time, your voice…

Music 4 Humans

August 28 1 month ago

Exercises to improve your rhythm and timing in music

  What is rhythm? Rhythm is created when elements are repeated in a certain pattern. It is around us and within us. In music, rhythm is about timing. As a…

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