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Music 4 Humans

January 24 6 days ago

Guide to help you learn to play the ukulele

If you want to start learning to play a stringed instrument and you want to begin with something fun, inexpensive, and easy to carry around, then the ukulele is the…

Music 4 Humans

January 17 2 weeks ago

Online Piano Lessons: The Easy and Fun Way to Learn Piano

Welcome to the world of virtual piano instruction! Online piano lessons have never been more accessible and convenient for both beginners and advanced players. With the use of video conferencing…

Music 4 Humans

January 13 2 weeks ago

How to memorize a piece of music faster?

Watching great musicians perform on stage is truly inspirational. As aspiring musicians, we tend to observe and appreciate their technique. You may have noticed that many great musicians play from…

Music 4 Humans

January 8 3 weeks ago

The Best Beginning Clarinet Music Pieces to Up Your Game

So you are ready to learn to play the clarinet? Sick! It's an epic experience that lets you create beautiful melodies and harmonious sounds. And some of the best beginner…

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