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Daniel O'Connell PRO

Audio Enginner
Boulder County, Colorado, US

Meet Daniel


Acoustic guitar

Electric Guitar


Sound engineer and director of “312 Estudio”. Since 2012 I have directed “312 Estudio”, a recording studio located in the heart of Rosario, Argentina. A space designed exclusively for the recreation and recording of music where I produce, record, mix and master music together with renowned bands, soloists, DJs and producers. From recording to mixing, overdubs, reampings, full production and mastering, I offer a wide range of services. I can contribute my technical capacity but mainly my creative capacity so that your music sounds professional but at the same time different, unique and authentic. My approach combines modern digital technology with the use of analog equipment, as well as alternative and high end microphones. During the recordings I propose to capture the raw energy of the band’s performance working together in the studio for best results.

What to expect

The classes are geared toward musicians, djs, and producers who want to improve, explore, and expand their production, mixing, and mastering skills with hands-on demonstrations and examples of real-world productions. We also propose that for the classes you bring your own projects, multitrack sessions and mixes.

Some of the topics we will see are:
~ How a professional mixing engineer approaches each project.
~ Mix template and workflow.
~ Modern mixing techniques, subgroups, stems, analog sum, parallel processing.
~ Tools and techniques to achieve goals using harmonic distortion, phase tricks, etc.
~ Listen critically.
~ Ear training exercises.
~ Session Analysis.
~ Before and after the Mastering.
~ What is Mastering doing that you cannot do.
~ Mastering practice session.

Level Taught





Sound technician - C.E.T.E.A.R.

Advance Mixing and Mastering - London School Of Sound

Advanced electronic music production - SAE Institute Barcelona

Master Class Geoff Emerick - El Pie Recording

Master Class “El sonido del trabajo en equipo” - Daniel Ovie Mastering


Winner Of Rototom Sunsplash Contest with "Dubies"

Rock Album of the year - Awards Rosario Edita

Mastered albums around the world


Director at "312 Estudio"

Teacher at the Mixing Barcelona workshop

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