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Why Music 4 Humans

Music 4 Humans go all out to empower you with opportunities to monetize your passion. You’re the boss, work from anywhere at any time. You choose what you want to teach and how much you get paid. Meanwhile, we handle marketing, billing, and customer support.

How Teaching Works

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Make An Artistic Profile

Please introduce yourself and tell us what music means to you. Then showcase your talents and what you want to share with the world.

Get Vetted

Music 4 Humans team will look over your profile and teaching skills. Then we’ll get in touch and confirm you’re a good match.

Select Your Availability

Block off dates on your calendar whenever you like. There’s no minimum time that you need to be available.

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Get matched with motivated students that fit your teaching criteria. Share your love for music and help them achieve their dreams.

We have your back

As part of the Music 4 Humans community, you can count on us to make your teaching experience run seamlessly. We want you to have a blast doing what you do best while knowing you’ll always get your worth for your expertise.

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Change Students Lives

Teaching is about far more than educating your students. You are a mentor, an adviser, and a guide. Keeping an open mind to create long-lasting trust relationships is what it’s all about. Remember that with every day spent teaching, you bring joy and inspiration into people’s lives.

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Online Teaching

Music 4 Humans is working for the future of music education, and if you are new to online teaching, we’re here for you. We offer free masterclass and tutorials to guide all our teachers. We’ll put all the necessary tools at your disposition for you to become a proficient online teacher.

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Questions You May Have

How do I start teaching?

The process of becoming a Music 4 Humans instructor is pretty easy. All you need to do is fill out your profile details and experience, and agree to our independent contractor terms. Our team will then look over your profile and contact you in the week following your application.

What Are The requirements to become a teacher?

Teachers are required to either have 2 years or more of teaching experience or have 5 years of professional experience in the field they want to teach. These may vary from case to case, there are always exceptions.

Are there any fees for the use of the platform?

Music 4 Humans have no direct fees, it is free to enroll and showcase your music and talents. For any students that find you and book a lesson with you through Music 4 Humans, a 10% platform fee of your chosen pay rate will be deducted.

Is There Minimum Technical Requirements?

You will need a computer or tablet with a webcam resolution of 720p or better a microphone and a reliable Internet connection with a download speed of at least 25 to 50 Mbps. Most of your teaching material should be easily accessible on your device, ready to share with your students.

What If I need to cancel a Lesson?

To cancel an upcoming lesson, locate it in your calendar, and select Cancel Lesson. Your student will receive a notification and a full refund. Cancellations can be very disruptive to students’ plans. Because of this, penalties may apply if you cancel a lesson less than 24h before. We’ll notify you if a fee will be charged before you complete a cancellation. Frequent cancellations, or no-shows, are a violation of our Terms and Conditions and may result in the removal of your teacher profile from Music 4 Humans.

Can I assign a Sub teacher to my students?

Teachers may not hand their students off to 3rd party teachers at any time. Teachers must personally give their lessons throughout the entirety of the agreed lesson time. If a teacher is not available under any circumstances, they should refer to the Reschedule/Cancelation policy.

Am I guaranteed to get new students?

The only thing that we can guarantee is that we will do everything in our power to make your talent available for the world to discover, and you won’t be charged anything unless students, that find out about you on the platform, book a lesson with you.

How do payouts for Lessons work?

You’ll need to create a Stripe account and from there chose your preferred payout method. The following Friday after you teach a lesson, Music 4 Humans will release your payout for it. The date that you’ll get the funds will depend on your financial institution and whether the payout is released on a bank holiday.

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