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Serge Gamache PRO

Guitar Teacher
, Guanajuato, MX

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Acoustic guitar

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A sidekick that tags along as you shape the musical score of your life. Playing an instrument and bettering yourself at it, is similar to sharpening a powerful tool that will allow you to slice through mundane social conventions, regardless of language barrier, a key, that will open unsuspected doors, as you connect with humanity on a deeper level.

The shaping of the soundtrack of my life has opened wide horizons for me. From braving tumultuous open seas on a fishing boat in the Pacific Northwest to playing music at the Grand Opry Radio Station in Nashville, Tennessee. From reforesting Northern Canada to appearing in various Hollywood movies, namely, an IMAX production in Denver, Colorado, as well as numerous TV appearances throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.
From playing hybrid world music in the foothills of the Hymalayas in India, to opening for many artists such as Sarah McLachlan , Don Ross and performing 6 years as a guitarist on the Mega equestrian show : CAVALIA ODYSSEO.
I spent about ten years on my sailboat in Canada, cruising the waters from Vancouver to Alaska. The formidable landscapes and the vast coniferous forests forming a surreal background for introspection as I honed my skills on the guitar, picking and strumming my way through numerous musical styles such as : gypsy jazz manouche,Chet Atkins style fingerpicking, bluegrass, jazz, blues and flamenco.
you find something very valuable and you feel the urge to share it. That’s what teaching is about for me. Laying out a personalized map for someone to find their musical treasure.
THE JOURNEY, a combination of inspiration and perspiration provides countless benefits ranging from: better and sharper mental health, enhanced self-worth and self-confidence and the developments of the mathematical and problem solving part of the brain that extend well beyond the musical realm.

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A pleasant, upbeat and productive lesson with a vast array of techniques, tricks and knowledge.
I look forward to meet you.






College - Cegep of Drummondville, Canada


Jury Selection of Guitar Grand Prix of Montreal


Guitarist at Cavalia Odysseo from 2013 to 2018

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