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Eric Auclair PRO

Bass and Multidisciplinary instructor
Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, US

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Upright Bass


Thanks for visiting my profile! Here’s a little about myself.

My mother was a high school music teacher. Thanks to her, I was introduced to music at a very young age. But despite all of her efforts and encouragement, I wasn’t very interested in music initially. Instead, like any young man from a small, rural town in Eastern Canada, I had big dreams of playing professional sports. I was around 10 years old when I finally decided to give music a try and started to play drums and classical percussion. A couple of years later, my favorite uncle gave me a mixtape of songs from some of his favorite recording artists like Miles Davis, Weather Report and UZEB. Some of you Gen Z’s out there may not recognize all of these names, but neither did my friends at the time. But the point is, I took one listen to that mixtape and I was hooked. I suddenly realized how exciting music could be. These guys were killing it. They were playing fast, loud and I had never heard anything like it in my young life. What I also realized was that if you just close your eyes and listen carefully, you can be totally transported by music, transported to imaginary worlds. Simply listening to the music gave me a real interest in it, and that’s when I started dreaming of a potential career.

I think I was around 13 years old when I did my first recording session. I was playing bass and drums on a local commercial jingle. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to perform, record and collaborate with some of the most acclaimed artists of the French Canadian and European music scene. I’ve even played with some of my heroes. Remember I mentioned UZEB earlier? I actually got to play with these guys and other Jazz giants from Montreal and Europe! That’s the power of music!

Following my years of being a professional musician in Montreal, I was offered the job of Musical Director for a big circus production called Cavalia Odysseo. For 7 years (1700+ shows) I enjoyed traveling North America with incredible artists from around the world, sharing the music of the show with millions of spectators in major cities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. And most importantly, I got to play music every day with incredible musicians who became like brothers and sisters to me. One of the most unique aspects of music is that it brings together a global community. Learning music, for me, has been about a lot more than acquiring the skills. It brings you into a world filled with fascinating people from all around the world and from all walks of life. This is what I treasure most about music.

What to expect

“Having fun working hard”. That’s my motto. Make it fun acquiring the knowledge and techniques required for a musician to perform at his/her best in any context, helping to unleash the talent and potential of every student from beginners to the more advanced. My focus is to keep every technical exercise (scales, arpeggios, patterns, etc.) as musical and as engaging as possible. To develop your knowledge of music theory as well as your listening skills in order to free your creativity when it comes to constructing bass lines, improvisation or composing/producing a piece of music. Let’s make it groove. Let’s make music.





Associate degree in Classical percussion - CEGEP of Drummondville

Associate degree in Bass - CEGEP of Drummondville


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as Cavalia Odysseo’s musical director

A tribute to Joni Mitchell performed before Queen Elizabeth II and Joni Mitchell herself

Montreal Jazz Festival with Karen Young and Bugge Wesseltoft

Montreal Jazz Festival, with Michel Cusson and the Metropolitain symphonic orchestra

Francofolies of Montreal, Place des Arts, with Diane Tell.

Pierre Lapointe Album « Pierre Lapointe »

Patricia Kass album « Kabaret »

Daniel Bélanger album « L’Échec du matériel »

1700 Shows across North America as "Cavalia Odysseo" musical director


Session musician for many recording artists and groups in Canada and France

Session musician for many movies and TV shows in Canada

Music producer for many artists in Canada

Musical director for several educational programs

Composer for contemporary dance programs

Score composer for short films produced by the NFB (National Film Board of Canada)

More than 30 years of experience as a teacher of private lessons and in institutions such as CEGEP de Drummondville (Drummondville College)

Independent evaluator of baccalaureate concerts and senior recitals at l’Université de Montréal

Musical Director at "Cavalia Odysseo"

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