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November 10 1 year ago

Intro To Rockstar – Free Guitar Lessons

Rod Ferreira and Music 4 Humans invite you to Intro to Rockstar Free Guitar Lessons! Let’s learn a few tunes on the guitar while having a blast and understanding the instrument’s essential techniques.

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Session 01: The Guitar Essentials

It is essential to know the guitar parts, name the musical notes, understand primary rhythms, and how to apply them to our playing. In this lesson, we will learn how to Tune our guitars, the proper finger placement, hold the pick, and get started with our first song!


Session 02: Reading and Learning Music

We must first understand a few things to learn how to play the guitar. Therefore, this second lesson will focus on reading tablatures, and understanding sounds, chords, strumming patterns, and coordination exercises. All those skills will help us progress on the second part of our first song!


Session 3: Rocking Your Second Song

The guitar is a pretty complex instrument. To master it, we will play strumming games, learn a whole step and a half step, read our second chord, discover happy versus sad sounds, learn to fingerpick, and finally, how to play your second song!


About Rod Ferreira 

I do what I can to ensure everybody is ready to become a great guitar player and have fun while learning what they want to know! My program focuses on fixing the “bad habits” that some students may have in a brief period of time. My lessons are individualized and will teach you everything you may have missed from when you first started playing guitar.


The guitar can a bit hard to master. You can take the help of a private guitar teacher, who can guide you throughout your guitar learning journey and even correct you whenever necessary. Start perfecting your skill and book a guitar lesson today!

Music4humans is an online music learning platform that offers various music courses from experienced music teachers worldwide. Schedule a music lesson online today!



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