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May 10 1 week ago

New Partnership with My Sheet Music Transcriptions

© My Sheet Music Transcriptions


My Sheet Music Transcriptions

My Sheet Music Transcriptions is an online sheet music transcription service. Their work consists of listening to the music contained in an audio file, and writing it note-for-note into a score. They also offer music arrangement, digitization, and audio production services. They work with any type of musical genre, all types of instruments and ensembles, and all possible skill levels.

The benefits of sheet music transcribed from scratch are diverse. Some of them are obtaining scores that have never been created before (or are not available anywhere else), sharing your music with other musicians (or fans), learning new music, playing your favorite tunes at home, preserving scores from physical deterioration, and disappearance, adapting music to a particular instrumental ensemble and difficulty level, and much more.

© My Sheet Music Transcriptions

About our partnership

The core values of Music 4 Humans and My Sheet Music Transcriptions are very similar. Both organizations believe in the added value of bringing music into people’s lives and the joy it can foster. Together, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone, from beginners to seasoned musicians, can explore, learn, and grow their passion for music.

We also find that our services are complementary: global music education and musical exploration, alongside customized sheet music and digital music services. Music 4 Humans empowers students and teachers through personalized online music lessons. On the other hand, My Sheet Music Transcriptions provides bespoke sheet music solutions, making it easy to learn and play one’s favorite tunes.

We offer together an inclusive musical environment where users can refine their skills. Also, you will be able to discover new genres, and access high-quality, tailor-made resources. A whole world for you to explore!


© My Sheet Music Transcriptions


Main benefits for M4H users

We have joined forces to create the ideal collaboration for users of both platforms. Our partnership ensures that students, teachers, and musicians of all levels receive unparalleled support. No matter if they are learning to play a new instrument, expanding their repertoire, or sharing their music with others.

By combining our strengths, we aim to foster a vibrant musical community that celebrates creativity, diversity, and the joy of making music.

As Music 4 Humans users, you will receive a discount when requesting tailor-made sheet music, transcribed note-for-note by professional musicians following high-quality standards. This resource is valuable for both students and teachers. Students can improve their skills through their favorite tunes. At the same time, teachers can order the perfect score to meet all their students’ needs.

Music teachers and students from around the world, don’t hesitate to start acquiring your favorite sheet music!


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