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August 14 1 year ago

How to promote your music successfully?

how promote your music

Do you want to start making money with the music you create? Do you want to gain popularity and have a huge fanbase? If you feel you need a professional to handle your promotions, think twice. As an upcoming musician, can you afford to hire a professional? When there are so many platforms and other methods these days to promote your music independently, why hire a professional to do it? Promoting your music needs perseverance and smartness. Many articles talk about promoting music. Most of these are outdated. You need to know what works in the current scenario. Here are some tips that can actually help you to promote your music successfully-

Create good music

Good music is the priority. The rest of the tips won’t work if you don’t get this right. Your music needs to catch the attention of your audience. Make sure every element in it is good. If you face any hurdles while making music, maybe it’s time to learn new aspects of music or revisit old music lessons.
Along with good music, you should have a unique style that will attract your potential audience. Find out what your audience is craving for and create music based on that in your style.
Want to learn something new in music to become a better musician? Check out the various teachers and courses available at Music4humans, enroll yourself, and start learning.

Streaming platforms

Start signing up to streaming services that allow you to release music on the platform. You will be given access to many features and you will have other benefits. Some of the streaming platforms that you can try are Spotify, YouTube for artists, Apple music for artists, and Amazon music for artists. These platforms reach out to millions of listeners. Try getting your music into curated playlists. Getting even one track into such playlists will allow interested listeners to check out the rest of your music. This can help you gain good exposure. The genre of music is important. Try getting your track into a playlist that matches your genre.

Website and mailing list

Your fans should always be able to find you online. On your website, you can add basic information about yourself, your discography, and so much more. Making a website is crucial as it can help you stay connected with your fans and update them on your upcoming shows, tours, etc.
A mailing list is an important marketing strategy. Your website should have a sign-up form for interested listeners to subscribe to your music. This way you can keep them updated with your releases, show times, and other information regarding your music.

Press and blogs

Get featured in blogs and publications to promote your music and grow in your field. You can hire a professional to handle this for you. However, as an upcoming musician, you may not be able to afford it. You can do this independently by reaching out to bloggers and journalists.

Social media presence

Social media has become a powerful tool. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms to promote your music. Create interesting content to have a higher impact on your listeners. Having a consistent social media presence is essential to keep your fans engaged. Many useful articles talk about strategies that you can follow to have a successful social media presence.

Music video

Viral videos are so popular nowadays. You can create a good music video and it might just go viral. This will give you recognition. Your fanbase will increase and your fans will want to hear more from you. Your music video should be intriguing. Use a creative concept to attract more viewers. Your fans and other interested listeners should be able to view your video on your website. You can share small clips from your video, the making of the video, behind-the-scenes clips, and other interesting information about your music video on social media to attract more viewers and grow your fanbase.

Live shows

Connect with your audience by performing live. Start with local shows and grow your followers. After acquiring a larger fanbase, you can slowly start performing in bigger shows. You can update your subscribers with your upcoming live shows. Initially, you may be a bit anxious while performing live. However, you will slowly get better at it. You might even develop your unique performing style which will help you to grow in your music career.

During the initial stages of promoting your music, you may face challenges. Take time to make good music. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, you can become successful.

While you continue to promote your music, it is essential to keep learning your craft to grow in your field. At Music4humans, you can find various teachers who specialize in different music courses. Look for a music course that you wish to pursue and start perfecting your skill.


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