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December 10 1 year ago

How to become a professional guitarist?

Learning guitar as a hobby during your free time can be fun and relaxing. However, pursuing guitar as a career and becoming a professional guitarist is a different ball game altogether. Becoming a professional guitarist from an amateur one takes time, dedication, and a lot of patience. Do you want to take your guitar-playing skills to the next level? Do you want to start earning money and gaining recognition with it? Here are some ways to get you started-

Get the right guitar.

As a professional guitarist, your instrument and its accessories are essential assets. Make sure your instrument sounds good. You need not spend too much money purchasing a guitar and its accessories. However, ensure that you are buying good-quality gear that does not break or would sound wrong.

Learn the technique well

Gaining knowledge and learning to execute that knowledge is crucial when playing an Instrument. Figure out your weaknesses and start working on them. If you need help strengthening your weaknesses and want to learn the techniques better, find a good private guitar teacher and enroll yourself in guitar lessons. Nowadays, there are plenty of online music courses where you can learn guitar from skilled guitar teachers from anywhere around the world.
Check out the various guitar teachers at Music4humans, and start refining your techniques!

Practice a lot

This goes without saying for enhancing any skill. However, if you plan to make guitar playing your profession, you must practice much more than you usually do. You may have an inborn talent, or playing the guitar might come to you quickly, but it is always a good idea to strengthen your foundation and consistently work on the basic techniques. Quality practice is needed to grow as a professional. There may be days when you feel lazy and want to skip your practice session. Don’t. Keep a schedule and stick to it.

Find your style

There are many music genres. Start listening to all the genres and discover each genre’s uniqueness. Pick a genre that connects with you and make yourself better at it. You will start finding your unique playing style when you keep practicing that genre.

Market yourself effectively

In this internet era, there are plenty of ways to market yourself. These days social media has become a powerful marketing tool. Learn to use it—post about your events on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Make a website for yourself and increase your fanbase by posting about your upcoming events. As an aspiring musician, it is essential to get noticed. There may be times when you need to play for free to get yourself a fanbase. But, on the other hand, it may be worth it.

Grow your network

An extensive network in the music field will help you gain more opportunities. So always try to grow your network. Be easy to work with. This will make you approachable. Try finding your local music community. This will help you find local gigs, and gradually you can grow your network and fanbase.

Be open to performing at various events.

If you want to make money as a professional guitarist, you must perform at different events. This will also help you grow your network and fanbase. In addition, you need to listen and learn to play different kinds of music, including styles that you may not be very passionate about. Playing diverse styles will help you get accepted and receive more opportunities to earn money. So, at least during your initial struggles, keep a broad mind about how you would like to make it as a guitarist.

Teach guitar lessons

Most of us start our guitar learning journey aspiring to be rock stars one day. However, the journey can be very challenging. An excellent way to keep yourself in form and earn money while you try to reach your goal is to become a guitar instructor. This day job should not require extra hours, allowing you to use your spare time to practice and enhance your guitar-playing skills.

Play in a band

Playing in a band can help you gain recognition and can also help you grow as a guitarist. Especially if you join a function band, you can play in various weddings, parties, and other events, giving you good exposure. You can even join an entertainment agency. Playing in a band can help you build your connectivity and grow your network.

Finally, even after you become a professional, you need to keep learning your craft. Knowledge and practice will help you play the guitar with comfort and ease.

Apart from guitar lessons, various music courses are available at Music4humans. You can learn the course of your choice from highly skilled and experienced music teachers from around the world in the comfort of your home. So schedule an online music lesson today!


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