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October 12 5 months ago

DJing- A beginner’s guide

A Disc Jockey, more commonly known as a DJ is someone who plays recorded music for audiences. The term ‘disc jockey’ is a combination of ‘disc’ which refers to the vinyl records that are shaped like discs and ‘jockey’ which refers to the person who operates the machine. The concept of DJing evolved from radio station announcers or hosts who would play pre-recorded music on their radio shows. They used to spin the records in turntables. Nowadays, a DJ is usually the one who creates a seamless music mix that they play in clubs, festivals and parties. Some DJs still use turntables. Most of them have shifted to digital software.

Types of DJ

These days we can find different types of DJs. Knowing the different types can help you decide what kind of DJ you would like to become.

Radio DJ

Radio DJs have existed for a long time. They play songs from CDs, vinyl records, etc. on air. They also entertain their audience by making announcements and chatting with callers in between the songs.

Club DJ

A club DJ usually works at one or more dance clubs depending on the needs of the club. Their goal is to keep the people moving on the dance floor. They usually start their career by playing at house parties. Along with playing at dance clubs, some of them also play at promotional events.

DJ producer

DJ producer creates music from the music collection or recordings that they already have and either give live performances or they may even stream it through online platforms.

Mobile DJ

A mobile DJ performs at various events such as weddings, receptions, school dances, anniversaries, etc. They usually play popular songs or current hits to which the guests can dance. They carry their DJ equipment along with video systems, speakers, etc.


Turntablist uses turntables and a mixer to create new and interesting beats and sounds.

How to start DJing?

Now that you have an idea of the different types of DJs, the next question is how to start your DJing career. Check out the below list of things that you need to do to become a DJ.

Learn the skills

As a DJ, you need to know some skills like beatmatching, EQing, etc. Thanks to the internet and the numerous tutorials that are easily available, you can start learning the basic skills that you require to become a DJ. However, a better way to study any music course would be under the guidance of a teacher. Nowadays, online music courses are gaining popularity as they can be accessed from the comfort of your home and also as you can choose your convenient schedule.
Learn DJing from skilled music instructors at Music4humans who take online lessons for all skill levels. 

Get the right equipment

Some of the equipment that a DJ requires are a laptop, DJ mixer or DJ controller, turntable, etc.

Learn about the various software

You need to know the various software used by DJs. Some of them include Native Instruments Traktor Pro, Serato DJ Pro, Ableton Live, Pioneer DJ Rekordbox, Mixxx, etc.

Create your music collection

As a DJ you need a vast music library. You can create a collection with either CDs and records or digitally. It depends mostly on the kind of medium you want to use. You could spin vinyl records or be a digital DJ. Mostly club DJs opt for spinning vinyl records as they sound better. As a digital DJ, you can create a larger music library. So if you want to keep touring and playing at different events and parties, then you can opt for the digital medium. Where can you download music digitally? SoundCloud, Beatport, Traxsource, Direct Music Service, Juno Download, etc. are some good resources.

Create your network

Keep building connections within the industry. Try connecting with people who can help you find gigs. With the right connections and a wide network, you can become very successful as a DJ.

Make yourself unique

DJing is a very competitive field, where you need to put yourself out there to get noticed and gain popularity. Uniquely brand yourself. Create an identity for yourself to set yourself apart from your competition. Use social media to spread your potential.

What is so special about DJing?

It is the ability to connect with your audience and give them a unique experience.

To succeed as a DJ, you must remember that the kind of music you choose and how you play it for your audience should be different and intriguing.

Want to learn more about music?

Music4humans is an excellent platform that offers various online music courses taught by professional private music instructors from all around the world. Schedule a music lesson online today!


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