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June 27 9 months ago

10 benefits of learning to play an instrument

play an instrument

10 benefits of learning to play an instrument

You don’t always need to understand music. You need to feel it.

Everything around us is music. When we harmonize with the music in our surroundings, we can find peace within ourselves. Listening to music can influence our mood and attitude. Learning music or learning to play a musical instrument can have a significant impact on us. Learning even the basics of a musical instrument can positively shape our lives, and we can use it throughout our lives to succeed in all our endeavors. Can instrument lessons such as learning to play the guitar or the piano be that stimulating and empowering? Absolutely! Here are 10 benefits of learning to play a musical instrument that can get you inspired.

Relieves stress and keeps you healthy

While some may use music to escape their mundane life, some may use it to calm and relax from a hectic lifestyle. Playing an instrument after work hours can relieve us of our day’s stress. In addition, learning a musical instrument has many health benefits. Studies show lower blood pressure, anxiety, and heart rate. It can also help with depression.

Boosts our immune system

Music is medicine for our body, mind, and soul. According to researchers, playing a musical instrument and listening to music can improve our immune system. The effects may not be immediate but are very effective and can even improve the quality of life. In recent times, when we are finding ways to keep ourselves healthy, taking an online musical instrument class can be effective.

Increases memory power, focus, and concentration

Learning a musical instrument requires a lot of brain activity, such as memorizing the various notes. Music training, in general, can positively influence your brain and improve memory power and concentration to a large extent. It can be beneficial for children. Learning an instrument and acquiring music knowledge from their initial years, even as a hobby, can help them with all their endeavors in life.

Develops multi-tasking ability

Learning an instrument requires the ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously, such as listening to what you play or listening to your teacher play, using your sense of touch, and using your vision, all at the same time. Instrument learning develops the skill of multi-tasking, which can benefit our lives, especially when we start learning it at a young age.

Boosts confidence

Expressing a talent or performing a skill in front of an audience can be intimidating to many. Playing in front of your music teacher during your offline or online music lessons can boost your confidence. Also, sometimes need a little nudge and a bit of cheering to overcome our fears. When playing in front of our family, friends, and relatives, we often receive the encouragement that we seek to uplift us and build our confidence. Some may have critical viewpoints. It takes a lot of courage to play an instrument in front of an audience who can encourage and criticize us.

Improves coordination

Playing a musical instrument requires good hand-eye coordination. It is one of the reasons why children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument.

Instills discipline

Learning an instrument involves following a specific routine with hard work and discipline. A disciplined and organized approach can help us achieve even the most challenging goals throughout our lives.

Improves patience and perseverance

Many of us have become very impatient. We expect everything without any delays. Especially children nowadays do not understand the value of patience. Learning music and an instrument takes time, and there is no end to the process. The journey can be prolonged and requires great determination and perseverance.

Develops creativity

Humans are naturally creative. Sometimes, creativity needs to be tapped. Music, being a form of art, can be used to express your emotions. You can release your untapped potential by taking instrument lessons and getting the creative juices flowing.

Keeps you happy

Learning an instrument is fun for all age groups and skill levels—dopamine levels or “happy hormones” increase when playing a musical instrument. As we get older, we need to keep ourselves happy and motivated. In this chaotic world, instrument learning can be meditative. It can help us make sense of things and get rid of negativity.

Anybody can learn a musical instrument with determination and passion. As a beginner, it is customary to be anxious about your musical training journey. The best advice would be to keep aside your inhibitions and pick an instrument you would like to learn. Check out the various instrument courses taught at Music4humans for beginners through online music classes.

Music4humans is a fantastic platform where students can learn from dedicated and experienced private music instructors who teach music through online music lessons from around the world. So look for your favorite teacher at Music 4 Humans and start learning a musical instrument today.


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