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July 19 8 months ago

Essential things you need to know to learn music theory

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Do you like listening to music? Do you wonder how it is made? Have you tried breaking down a musical composition to analyze how the various elements are arranged to create the ensemble? Some of us don’t really care about the process; we just enjoy the results and listen to the music. Others are more involved in the creation of music. They are keen to find out how each musical composition is constructed. Music is a language and like every other language music has certain fundamental concepts which help musicians express themselves better. Music theory allows musicians to understand music better. If you are in the process of learning music or learning to play a musical instrument, then here are the basics you need to know about music theory.

What is music theory?

Music theory explains what exactly goes on behind the musical compositions and how it is created. Although it is an extensive topic, the three main elements of music theory include- harmony, melody, and rhythm.

  1. Harmony- When listening to your favorite song, you may have realized that different notes, chord progressions, and vocals complement one another. In other words, all the sounds that we hear in a musical composition harmonize to evoke an emotion within us. There are two types of harmonies. Dissonant harmonies are harmonies that are not very pleasing to hear, whereas consonant harmonies are pleasing to our ears. You can combine these two to create an interesting musical composition.
  2. Rhythm- The repeated pattern found in a musical composition is the rhythm. Rhythm happens to be a very important aspect of music.
  3. Melody- Do you keep humming a tune you like? You may view the tune as a whole. When you break it down, you’ll realize that it is made using a sequence of notes. Melody is a series of notes that form a tune. A musical instrument or the voice can create a vibration known as pitch. Pitch and rhythm are the two main elements of a melody.

Is it important to learn it? Can it be helpful?

Is it a necessity for every aspiring musician to learn music theory? Not really. But is it beneficial? Yes, absolutely! It is advisable to learn music theory from a professional music instructor during your music training. The advantages of learning it are highly underrated.
Some musicians assume that learning music theory and practicing it might curb their creativity. However, this is not true. Learning the fundamental concepts of a subject will make you more refined in the subject and will enhance your creativity.

Learning music theory even through online music theory classes from private instructors can be useful while learning music and during music production. It can help you to achieve the right emotion while composing music.
The idea of learning music theory may not be very exciting, but it can be very fruitful and rewarding in the long run. Many experienced and advanced musicians go through a phase where they lack inspiration and creativity. You can get inspiration for your music by revisiting the fundamentals of music and relearning music theory.

While learning music or while learning to play a musical instrument, music theory can be helpful. When learning your craft, why not do it properly? It can speed up the learning process and can also refine your knowledge.

What is the best way to learn music theory?

Learning music theory is a slow process. You need to understand each concept, practically apply it, and continuously practice it. If you are looking to learn music theory as a beginner, it might be a little confusing as it is a vast subject, and you may not know where to begin. Also, the learning process can be a bit challenging. However, if you are a dedicated and passionate student then with a good music theory teacher to guide you, it may not be so difficult.
Are you wondering where to learn music theory? In the current scenario, you can learn it through online courses from experienced music instructors. Check out the various music teachers at Music4humans who are skilled at teaching music theory through online classes.

Pre-pandemic, students rarely chose online lessons as they felt that the quality of learning might not be at par with offline classes. However, online courses have become very popular during the pandemic, and people have started pursuing their hobbies through online lessons. One of the most significant advantages of online classes and the concept of distance learning is that you can learn from teachers from any part of the world sitting at home.

At Music4humans, you can learn music, music theory, musical instrument, music production, and so much more from experienced, talented, and inspiring music teachers from any part of the world. Take a look at the various courses offered at Music4humans and schedule a music lesson online today.



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