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Louis-Pier Racicot

October 1 3 years ago

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Louis-Pier Racicot

August 22 3 years ago

How to take your online music teaching from good to great

Teaching online for the first time is like entering a whole new universe. You are excited to discover the endless possibilities, but at the same time, you don't know where to start. That’s how I felt when Covid-19 hit, and I had to convert my entire roster to online lessons. Like many other instructors, I[ View More ]

Louis-Pier Racicot

August 22 3 years ago

5 astonishing reasons why you should learn music

Playing Music is like time-traveling across the world. You get to experience diverse cultures through history from anywhere at any time. This is how I felt when I discovered my passion for music. I was amazed that wherever you are from, your cultural background or native speech, people all have the astounding ability to understand[ View More ]

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