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June 20 9 months ago

How to improve your piano techniques when learning

Piano techniques

How to improve your piano techniques when learning?

Let’s begin with a myth-buster- It is not true that only people with large hands can play the piano. Even a person with average-sized hands can play the piano well. Many child prodigies can play incredible pieces with brilliance using their tiny hands.

Many aspiring musicians have tried to learn how to play the piano by taking online music classes in the wake of the pandemic. Passion, perseverance, and dedication are crucial when learning a musical instrument online. If you begin your music-learning journey by learning to play the piano, you will find these tips extremely helpful.


Some individuals may have natural piano hands. As a result, they can play the piano with complete ease. However, it is not too late for those who may not have realistic piano hands to develop the piano playing technique with simple exercises and practice. Healthy piano playing technique can help you learn the piano faster and avoid unnecessary body ache. So here’s how to improve your technique when learning piano.

The various aspects of piano techniques playing

  1. Flexibility- When learning to play a musical instrument such as the piano, mobility of hands and fingers is crucial. Fingers should work independently without muscle tension. Some primary hand and finger exercises can help improve flexibility.
  2. Dexterity- You need to move around the keyboard while learning to play the piano quickly. Moving from one position to another using hands must be done effortlessly. You can express the compositions better by developing finger dexterity and fluidity.
  3. Strength- You may have seen pianists playing their pieces continuously for a long time. The power required to play the piano does not lie only in the fingers. The internal strength comes from the arms and the body of the pianist. When learning to play the piano as a beginner, you can develop this at a slow pace.
  4. Finger control- For a fast-paced composition, fingers should move fast while ensuring the perfect rendering of every individual note. For a slow piece, release each key delicately so that each note expresses its intent.
  5. Body posture- Always sit comfortably while playing a musical instrument. It may be the first piece of advice any good music instructor will give you when beginning to learn how to play a musical instrument. The correct body posture exhibits confidence. It also avoids neck and backaches as you may have to sit for long hours during your instrument learning classes. So before beginning your online piano lesson or practice session, take time to settle yourself and ensure you are seated in a good posture.

Develop your piano technique while playing with these tips

  1. Improve hand and finger dexterity by playing scales. Playing scales may seem tedious, but it is one of the most effective methods to improve hand and finger dexterity. It improves finger strength and inculcates rhythm in your fingers. Incorporate practicing scales in your routine. It can be done before your online music lesson and should be a part of your practice session. Practicing scales can also help you strengthen weak hands or fingers.
  2. You can also try to practice arpeggios in your piano learning classes to improve your technique when learning piano. It is a type of broken chord. Practicing this softly, loudly, and at various speeds can strengthen your fingers.
  3. Use a metronome and slowly increase your speed while training to play the piano. It will help strengthen fingers and will improve flexibility and agility.
  4. The wrist should generally be elevated and curved while playing the piano. It will allow your fingers to be more flexible.
  5. Using basic exercises like squeezing and releasing fingers and crumpling a paper into a ball with fingers before practice sessions can slowly improve finger strength.
  6. Get out of your comfort zone and practice challenging compositions. Constantly challenge yourself when learning to play a new instrument. It will help you progress faster in your musical instrument learning.
  7. Take a deep breath before you start playing the musical instrument. Your hand and finger muscles will relax, and this will help you focus.
  8. Take breaks often. Adequate rest is essential when you learn to play an instrument.

During the initial lessons of your online piano learning course, you may find it hard to achieve fluidity while playing. However, with a good piano instructor and focused practice, you can learn to play complex musical compositions in no time!

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