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November 9 2 years ago

How to become a better at drumming?


Are you wondering how successful drummers play so effortlessly? Although they make it look easy, professional drummers have worked really hard to get to that position. In the music field, drummers are in high demand. This can make it very competitive. Continuous practice and constantly trying to improve yourself consciously is the best way to become a better drummer and gain more opportunities in your career. Here are some tips that can help you become better at drumming.

Strengthen your foundation

When trying to refine your drumming skills, you may want to get ahead of things and start learning complex pieces. However, for learning any instrument, the basics are crucial. These are your foundation that needs to be absolutely strong. You may be enthusiastic about learning and playing advanced pieces but it is important to take it slow. Start by practicing easy pieces first. Practice your basics and strengthen your foundation. Set aside time during your practice session to refine the key rudiments. You may want to discover your style. Learn about the various genres. Try finding out why you like certain genres more than others. After you strengthen your basics and you have a good foundation, pick your favorite genre and try to bring out your style.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a course that can help you brush up on your drumming basics. At Music4humans, you can find professional drum instructors from all around the world who can help you polish your basics through online music lessons. Book a drum lesson online today!

Try air drumming

Air drumming works for beginners as well as for professionals. It develops muscle memory and improves coordination. Pick a song, imagine having the drums in front of you, and start playing the song. Make sure to hit the right drums every time. This will help you memorize the position of the drums. Try to sync with your metronome. Imagine the drums to be an extension of your arms and legs. This will help to improve the coordination of your arms and legs.

Practice keeping time

Timing is crucial for drummers. If you feel that timing is something you lack, don’t worry, here’s an easy tip that doesn’t even require your drum kit, practice pad, or drumsticks. Clap and sing along with a song. Focus on your timing. You can use a metronome during your practice sessions.

Collaborate and ask for feedback

The right amount of good feedback and occasional encouragement can help you become a better artist. Healthy collaborations will allow you to improve. Playing with others can help you keep time and help you become a better drummer. If you are in a band, your bandmates can provide valuable feedback. A skilled drum teacher can guide you. If you have friends who are musicians, you can ask them for their feedback too.

Strengthen your weak hand

Most of us may have a dominant hand. You need both hands to be equally strong while playing the drums. To strengthen your weak hand, start using your weak hand more than your dominant hand for your daily activities. While playing, try striking the strong notes with the weak hand and use your dominant hand to strike the soft notes.

Keep yourself fit

Cardiovascular exercises can actually help you as a drummer. So start running, jogging or swimming. Playing continuously can cause strain on the muscles. So before beginning a practice session, try doing some stretches and warm-ups.

Record yourself

It’s a good idea to take a video of yourself during your practice session and evaluate it weekly and monthly. Make a note of the things you want to improve after watching the recording and try to implement them in your next practice session.

Tune your drums

When you sound good, you get inspired and motivated to do better. Tune your drums often.

Aim to improve quality while practicing

To be successful at any skill, lots and lots of quality practice is essential. More than the time you spend practicing, it is essential to maintain and upgrade the quality of your practice sessions.

Start implementing good habits into your practice routine. Passion followed by hard work and perseverance will help you succeed. The above tips along with huge amounts of effort, can help you improve your drumming skills and make you a better drummer. Try to be creative and innovative. Always remember to have fun while playing any instrument.

Plan your practice sessions and have goals that you would like to accomplish. As aspiring musicians, most of us struggle to have concrete plans while learning an instrument. We may not know which techniques to practice or how to practice effectively. A professional music teacher can guide you throughout your music-learning journey and help with your learning flow. At Music4humans, you can find skilled private online music teachers who teach various music courses such as songwriting, music theory, instruments, and so much more. Schedule a music lesson online today!


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