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June 12 4 weeks ago

10 ways to stay inspired when making music

10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music

Nowadays, you may seem to have a lot of time in hand to attend online music classes to learn a new musical instrument or learn other aspects of music like songwriting, music production, music theory, etc. However, finding inspiration to make music within the four walls of your home must be challenging. Getting creative and staying inspired is not easy for an aspiring student, especially when trying to learn music through online music lessons. As an artist, you need to venture out, meet new people, and experience new things to gain inspiration. Sometimes you may even find yourself stuck in a rut during your music training. So how to keep yourself inspired and get new ideas when you make music? Here are some ways to help you get out of the rut and to get you to think outside the box.

Initiate and complete

Creating new musical compositions during your music training requires a lot of self-initiation. This is one of the 10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music. Just sitting around and thinking of new ideas won’t do! You need to act on those ideas. So just begin composing music.
Once you begin, take it slow. Don’t rush through it. Always remember, you bear the fruits of your labor.
Sometimes, you may lose inspiration mid-way and start doubting the initial idea. This is normal. You need to finish your composition to know whether your initial idea was good. So make sure you complete every composition. Even if you feel it is bad, don’t worry! You are still learning to create music. Music teachers who offer private music courses can help you with the challenges you face in during your music training.

Learn music theory

Learning music theory may sound boring, but at times when you are completely out of ideas, music theory can help. You may even find inspiration by studying music theory basics.

If you are looking for an online music theory course, check out some of the good music instructors from Music4humans who take online music theory lessons for all levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Try another instrument

If you usually use a guitar to write your music. Try using a piano instead or any other musical instrument which you wouldn’t normally use. When we already know a musical instrument well, we tend to play the same notes and slowly limit ourselves to a certain style. When you try a new musical instrument or an instrument that you don’t usually play, you are either learning to play that musical instrument from the basics, or you are re-learning the instrument with a fresh perspective. You will have no limitations or boundaries. This approach can lead you to think differently from your normal style. Learning a new musical instrument can be helpful in the long run.

At Music4humans, you can find good music teachers from around the world who offer private online music lessons for beginners in a variety of musical instruments. Find your dream musical instrument teacher and begin your online instrument lessons today.

Listen to your favorite music

Listening to your favorite music can remind you of why you wanted to learn music or why you started musical instrument lessons in the first place. You can listen to songs by your favorite musician and try to render them. This activity can help kick in some inspiration. This is one of 10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music.


Collaborating with friends and peers can be refreshing, especially when learning to create musical compositions. Your friend may think of some idea that you may not have thought of or which may get you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you just need to view things from a different perspective.

Take a walk

The pandemic has not stopped people from walking on the streets. So take a walk, observe your surroundings note down anything that inspires you.

Set goals & deadlines for yourself

After every music lesson, set clear goals and deadlines for your practice sessions. When you set deadlines, you will challenge yourself to do better within a limited time. This will keep you motivated throughout your music course. It will help you to think differently during your music training.

Go back to your basics

Sometimes, learning music as a beginner by going back to learning the basics of music with a fresh mind can help you make your foundation stronger. Re-learning music theory basics or taking online music lessons to learn the basics of any musical instrument can help you make good music.

Learn a new skill

Music production is all about acquiring new skills such as songwriting, recording, composition, etc. You will compose better music with more knowledge. Find a music instructor who can guide you in the right manner.

Channel your emotions

You need to accept your emotions and let them surface. Express your emotions through music or a musical instrument.

Are you experiencing a creative block? Or are you finding it hard to get into the creative groove? Just breathe and relax! Try the above tips and make your music learning journey a success by creating good music.

Music4humans has many good private instructors who can help you learn new skills, teach you the basics of music and musical instruments, and who can make music learning fun for you! Book your favorite teacher today!


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