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December 19 5 months ago

How to prepare for a musical performance?

musical performance

Stage fear and anxiety before a performance are common among upcoming music artists. If you are still an aspiring musician and if you are concerned about performing in front of a large audience, you’re not alone. Many music artists have gone through stage fear and have been able to overcome it through determination and strengthening their skills. If you are trying to learn an instrument or if you are learning to sing, remember that performances are unavoidable. Performing in front of a large audience is going to build your confidence and help you grow as an artist. The good news is there are plenty of ways to prepare yourself before a musical performance. Let’s look at some ways-

Lots and lots of practice

If you are learning music or learning to play an instrument, practice is key. There is no shortcut for this. You need to invest adequate time every day and practice your craft. When you have a performance coming up, rehearse your piece plenty of times before the show. Don’t overwork. Just practice your musical piece regularly and effectively. Regular practice, especially if you are a beginner trying to learn an instrument or song, will give you the confidence to perform in front of a large audience
Extra practice concerning areas. Focus on areas that you find difficult or which you feel you are not confident about. You can practice these areas even on the day of your performance to gain a bit more confidence. Just make sure you don’t overdo and strain yourself.

Create the musical performance ambiance

Try creating the environment that you are going to be performing in and practice in that environment. Think about how you are going to position yourself. You can even use a similar venue. Imagine yourself to be performing in front of an audience and expressing yourself the way you plan to express yourself during your performance. Creating a musical performance ambiance during your rehearsals can help you gain confidence and give you a sense of familiarity with the performance environment.

Be technically sound

Learn your technique well. If you wish to progress in your music learning journey, start with the technique. Perfect your basics and keep correcting your technique. Being technically sound will help you play with confidence. As a beginner trying to learn music, you may be worried about making mistakes or you may be concerned about other unfortunate events that may occur during your big performance. If any mistakes do happen during your performance, technical expertise will help you overcome them.

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Have mental presence

As a performer, you need to leave all your day-to-day stresses and problems aside and concentrate on your performance. Prepare your mind for the performance. You can try meditation which can help you gain focus during the performance.

Enjoy your musical performance

Tension, pressure, and stress can create stage fear. When you are out on the stage, remember to have fun. Relax your mind and calm down. Just remember that you have practiced enough and you are absolutely capable of performing your best.

Learn how to overcome mistakes

We may wish for our performances to be completely flawless. However, mistakes do happen and unpredictable things do occur. Even to the best and the most famous musicians, mistakes have occurred. It’s all about how you deal with it at that moment. The best way to overcome it is to try and prepare yourself for such circumstances. For example, if you are going to play the guitar, think about the various mistakes that could occur and how you plan to counter them. You can try to position yourself in different ways during your practice sessions.

Take ample rest before your musical performance

Rest is important for any musician. A strained mind and a weak physique are going to affect your performance. Without rest, your mind and body do not function as well as they normally should. Especially before the day of your performance, you need adequate rest. You need mental and physical strength to give the best performance.

If you have time during the day of the performance, play the musical piece a couple of times so that it won’t seem like fresh music during your actual performance. Don’t overdo it and strain yourself before your musical performance.

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