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June 29 1 week ago

Nylon-string vs steel-string acoustic guitar for beginners

If you have chosen to learn the acoustic guitar, you are in for a fun and interesting journey. To purchase a good guitar for your acoustic guitar lessons, you need to understand the different types of acoustic guitars and the types of strings used. In this article, you will learn more about acoustic guitars, nylon strings, and steel strings. We will also give you the basic differences between nylon strings and steel strings in acoustic guitars which will certainly help you to decide which is best for you.

What is an acoustic guitar? How is it different from other guitars?

In an acoustic guitar, the sound produced through the vibrations of the strings is amplified without any external electronic amplifier. The sound box is the hollow body of the guitar. The soundboard is the front of the guitar’s body. These amplify the sound of the guitar. The strings and the hollow body of the guitar play a huge role while playing the acoustic guitar.
The top of the guitar is generally made using spruce or cedar. Some low-cost guitars may be constructed with laminates.

Electro-acoustic guitars or acoustic-electric guitars have electronics fitted to them so that they can be connected to an amplifier. We should not confuse these with the semi-acoustic guitar which is an electric guitar with a hollow body that allows the guitar to produce a warmer sound.
Electric guitars do not have a chamber that allows the sound to resonate. They are connected to an external amplifier. Hence the sound can be modified too. Electric guitars are usually played using a pick.

Acoustic guitars are usually made with nylon strings or steel strings. Generally, when we refer to acoustic guitars, it is with steel strings. The nylon-string acoustic guitar is referred to as classical guitar.

Nylon-string vs steel-string acoustic guitar

Nylon strings result in warm, mellow sounds which are good for classical and folk music. These guitars have a smaller body and a wider neck. The wide neck allows more spacing between the strings. For beginners who are trying to learn the acoustic guitar with nylon strings, this may be advantageous.

Steel-string acoustic guitars produce a brighter and more powerful sound as compared to guitars with nylon strings. They have a larger body and many come with pickguards to protect them.

Which is better for beginners?

When you start to learn the acoustic guitar, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Here are some aspects that you need to consider while purchasing your first guitar for your lessons-

  1. Finger or pick
    Musicians usually use fingers to play classical guitars with nylon strings. Using a pick can damage the instrument. So when choosing your guitar as a beginner, you need to consider whether you will be using your fingers or a pick. If choosing a steel-string acoustic guitar, then be sure to have sore fingers during your music training journey as steel strings have a lot of tension and you will need to pluck the strings with greater effort. Nylon strings may be softer for your fingers especially when you are just beginning your guitar training course. Some musicians even grow fingernails and use them to play the guitar.
  2. Music genre
    As you already know, nylon-string acoustic guitar and steel-string acoustic guitar produce different sounds. So, you should decide the type of guitar based on the kind of music you would like to play.

Choosing the right kind of guitar for your music classes is extremely important. During the initial days of your guitar lessons or your guitar training course, you may face some challenges. Purchasing a good guitar can solve most of these challenges.

Although, you can learn to play the guitar through self-learning, for proper guidance it is advisable to book a professional guitar teacher who can help you throughout your music training journey. A good private instructor can make your guitar learning process easier and faster.

Online guitar lessons

The pandemic has curbed our freedom by keeping us within our homes. However, in a positive light, it has opened new possibilities using technological advancements. People who were once skeptical about learning music through online classes have started pursuing their passion through various online music courses. In general, students aspiring to learn music or to learn a musical instrument have been finding private online music lessons to be more effective and flexible.

Online guitar courses for aspiring guitarists have become quite popular in recent times. If you are looking for a good guitar teacher to help you learn the acoustic guitar, check out the experienced and skilled guitar instructors at Music4humans who teach online guitar lessons for various skill levels. Book your favorite teacher today.

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June 27 1 week ago

10 benefits of learning to play a musical instrument

10 benefits of learning to play a musical instrument

You don’t always need to understand music. You need to feel it.

Everything around us is music. When we harmonize with the music in our surroundings, we can find peace within ourselves. Listening to music can influence our mood and attitude. Learning music or learning to play a musical instrument can have a significant impact on us. Learning even the basics of a musical instrument can positively shape our lives, and we can use it throughout our lives to succeed in all our endeavors. Can instrument lessons such as learning to play the guitar or the piano be that stimulating and empowering? Absolutely! Here are 10 benefits of learning to play a musical instrument that can get you inspired.

Relieves stress and keeps you healthy

While some may use music to escape their mundane life, some may use it to calm and relax from a hectic lifestyle. Playing an instrument after work hours can relieve us of our day’s stress. In addition, learning a musical instrument has many health benefits. Studies show lower blood pressure, anxiety, and heart rate. It can also help with depression.

Boosts our immune system

Music is medicine for our body, mind, and soul. According to researchers, playing a musical instrument and listening to music can improve our immune system. The effects may not be immediate but are very effective and can even improve the quality of life. In recent times, when we are finding ways to keep ourselves healthy, taking an online musical instrument class can be effective.

Increases memory power, focus, and concentration

Learning a musical instrument requires a lot of brain activity, such as memorizing the various notes. Music training, in general, can positively influence your brain and improve memory power and concentration to a large extent. It can be beneficial for children. Learning an instrument and acquiring music knowledge from their initial years, even as a hobby, can help them with all their endeavors in life.

Develops multi-tasking ability

Learning an instrument requires the ability to process multiple tasks simultaneously, such as listening to what you play or listening to your teacher play, using your sense of touch, and using your vision, all at the same time. Instrument learning develops the skill of multi-tasking, which can benefit our lives, especially when we start learning it at a young age.

Boosts confidence

Expressing a talent or performing a skill in front of an audience can be intimidating to many. Playing in front of your music teacher during your offline or online music lessons can boost your confidence. Also, sometimes need a little nudge and a bit of cheering to overcome our fears. When playing in front of our family, friends, and relatives, we often receive the encouragement that we seek to uplift us and build our confidence. Some may have critical viewpoints. It takes a lot of courage to play an instrument in front of an audience who can encourage and criticize us.

Improves coordination

Playing a musical instrument requires good hand-eye coordination. It is one of the reasons why children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument.

Instills discipline

Learning an instrument involves following a specific routine with hard work and discipline. A disciplined and organized approach can help us achieve even the most challenging goals throughout our lives.

Improves patience and perseverance

Many of us have become very impatient. We expect everything without any delays. Especially children nowadays do not understand the value of patience. Learning music and an instrument takes time, and there is no end to the process. The journey can be prolonged and requires great determination and perseverance.

Develops creativity

Humans are naturally creative. Sometimes, creativity needs to be tapped. Music, being a form of art, can be used to express your emotions. You can release your untapped potential by taking instrument lessons and getting the creative juices flowing.

Keeps you happy

Learning an instrument is fun for all age groups and skill levels—dopamine levels or “happy hormones” increase when playing a musical instrument. As we get older, we need to keep ourselves happy and motivated. In this chaotic world, instrument learning can be meditative. It can help us make sense of things and get rid of negativity.

Anybody can learn a musical instrument with determination and passion. As a beginner, it is customary to be anxious about your musical training journey. The best advice would be to keep aside your inhibitions and pick an instrument you would like to learn. Check out the various instrument courses taught at Music4humans for beginners through online music classes.

Music4humans is a fantastic platform where students can learn from dedicated and experienced private music instructors who teach music through online music lessons from around the world. So look for your favorite teacher at Music 4 Humans and start learning a musical instrument today.

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June 12 4 weeks ago

10 ways to stay inspired when making music

10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music

Nowadays, you may seem to have a lot of time in hand to attend online music classes to learn a new musical instrument or learn other aspects of music like songwriting, music production, music theory, etc. However, finding inspiration to make music within the four walls of your home must be challenging. Getting creative and staying inspired is not easy for an aspiring student, especially when trying to learn music through online music lessons. As an artist, you need to venture out, meet new people, and experience new things to gain inspiration. Sometimes you may even find yourself stuck in a rut during your music training. So how to keep yourself inspired and get new ideas when you make music? Here are some ways to help you get out of the rut and to get you to think outside the box.

Initiate and complete

Creating new musical compositions during your music training requires a lot of self-initiation. This is one of the 10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music. Just sitting around and thinking of new ideas won’t do! You need to act on those ideas. So just begin composing music.
Once you begin, take it slow. Don’t rush through it. Always remember, you bear the fruits of your labor.
Sometimes, you may lose inspiration mid-way and start doubting the initial idea. This is normal. You need to finish your composition to know whether your initial idea was good. So make sure you complete every composition. Even if you feel it is bad, don’t worry! You are still learning to create music. Music teachers who offer private music courses can help you with the challenges you face in during your music training.

Learn music theory

Learning music theory may sound boring, but at times when you are completely out of ideas, music theory can help. You may even find inspiration by studying music theory basics.

If you are looking for an online music theory course, check out some of the good music instructors from Music4humans who take online music theory lessons for all levels- beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Try another instrument

If you usually use a guitar to write your music. Try using a piano instead or any other musical instrument which you wouldn’t normally use. When we already know a musical instrument well, we tend to play the same notes and slowly limit ourselves to a certain style. When you try a new musical instrument or an instrument that you don’t usually play, you are either learning to play that musical instrument from the basics, or you are re-learning the instrument with a fresh perspective. You will have no limitations or boundaries. This approach can lead you to think differently from your normal style. Learning a new musical instrument can be helpful in the long run.

At Music4humans, you can find good music teachers from around the world who offer private online music lessons for beginners in a variety of musical instruments. Find your dream musical instrument teacher and begin your online instrument lessons today.

Listen to your favorite music

Listening to your favorite music can remind you of why you wanted to learn music or why you started musical instrument lessons in the first place. You can listen to songs by your favorite musician and try to render them. This activity can help kick in some inspiration. This is one of 10 ways to be creative and stay inspired when making music.


Collaborating with friends and peers can be refreshing, especially when learning to create musical compositions. Your friend may think of some idea that you may not have thought of or which may get you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you just need to view things from a different perspective.

Take a walk

The pandemic has not stopped people from walking on the streets. So take a walk, observe your surroundings note down anything that inspires you.

Set goals & deadlines for yourself

After every music lesson, set clear goals and deadlines for your practice sessions. When you set deadlines, you will challenge yourself to do better within a limited time. This will keep you motivated throughout your music course. It will help you to think differently during your music training.

Go back to your basics

Sometimes, learning music as a beginner by going back to learning the basics of music with a fresh mind can help you make your foundation stronger. Re-learning music theory basics or taking online music lessons to learn the basics of any musical instrument can help you make good music.

Learn a new skill

Music production is all about acquiring new skills such as songwriting, recording, composition, etc. You will compose better music with more knowledge. Find a music instructor who can guide you in the right manner.

Channel your emotions

You need to accept your emotions and let them surface. Express your emotions through music or a musical instrument.

Are you experiencing a creative block? Or are you finding it hard to get into the creative groove? Just breathe and relax! Try the above tips and make your music learning journey a success by creating good music.

Music4humans has many good private instructors who can help you learn new skills, teach you the basics of music and musical instruments, and who can make music learning fun for you! Book your favorite teacher today!