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Natalia Pavolotckaia PRO

Certified Singing/performance/songwriting coach
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Meet Natalia




Hello! My name is Natalia Pavolotckaia.

I’m a professional singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and also I’m a certified (masters diploma London ICMP) vocal, songwriting and composition coach, stage craft and performance arts instructor, music therapist with a huge performing and teaching experience from Russia.
I used to perform in a very well known Russian girls band N.A.O.M.I. (I was also promoting, conducting, producing this Band).

I’ve been assisting British vocal coach and backing vocalist of Christina Aguilera on her lessons (Amybeth Beel).
I’ve been working with American composer Steven Lebetkin as a composition instructor and composer.
I’m currently collaborating remotely with KeyLab New York music school, TMMS (London) as a vocal coach , and also, as a songwriter, I’m collaborating with Swedish music label -pr label group.

I consider teaching to be my vocation additionally to performing on stage. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and my experience with students, watching their success and improvement.

What to expect

I’m teaching healthy singing. I also give many advanced breathing exercises(you will not find anywhere and teach how to breath properly combining with singing!
Vocal lessons:

I have a huge stage craft experience and I also teach performance techniques on my vocal lesson (after a month of studying).
My normal lesson consists of three parts:
1. Technical : vocal warm-ups plus I guide you through all the exercises and show you the proper tgechnique
2. Vocal improvisation plus riffs&runs
3. Working on a song (very detailed practice)

Songwriting lessons:
I teach intuitive music creation and production. And i have my unique approach to songwriting, arrangement and composition. I prefer jazzy old school chords and harmonies.





Masters in vocal and music performance - The Institute of contemporary performance


The soloist of MAYBE GEMINI band; collaboration with Steven Lebetkin, with backing vocalist of Christina Aguilera (Amybeth Beel); with Swedish music label PR label group


since 2003-performer, singer, composer, songwriter; since 2010 - music coach, music producer

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