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Seven tips for songwriting

tips for songwriting

What made you pursue songwriting? Is it the fact that you can express yourself? Is it because it connects you with the listener? Would it make you feel great that you wrote a song that has a unique place in your audience’s heart? Songwriting is a challenging field where the audience’s perspective constantly changes with the times we live. Not every song becomes successful. There is no denying that practice makes you better at the skill but how else to become a better songwriter?
Here are seven easy tips for songwriting-

Learn songwriting

You may have the talent. However, without a good command, your inherent talent can go wasted. Any raw talent needs to be molded properly. There are fundamental concepts for every subject. Songwriting, too, has certain principles. Following these principles results in good songs. If you are serious about getting better at songwriting, invest time and effort to learn the process. This will make you more organized and help you in the long run. Learn your craft well, and refine your knowledge.

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Connect with your audience

What makes us connect with a song? Our favorite songs usually tell us a story that we can relate to. It almost makes you feel that the song was written for you. It creates an impact on our minds. You need to tell your audience their story. Make your song about them. This compels them to listen to your song. The better you connect with them, the more they will listen to your music.

Keep it simple

All great songs are easy to understand. You don’t need an extensive vocabulary to write awesome lyrics. Adding complex elements to a song can make it incomprehensible to the listener. Keep your music simple. One catchy tune is all you need to create your next big hit!

Understand your favorite songs

Some songs have a significant impact on us. They can have a huge influence on our lives. Why do you think that is? What makes these songs so unique? As a songwriter, it is crucial to understand what makes a song so unique that it can be a massive part of your listener’s life. Break down your favorite songs and analyze them.
Go to musical shows that you like. This can get you inspired. You will be able to connect with the music and be able to understand your favorite songs better. Sometimes, going to shows of genres that may not be of your interest may also give you new ideas.

Take breaks

Not being able to complete a song does not mean you are a failure. It just means you need more time and maybe a different perspective. You may want to work continuously to complete your song. However, taking regular breaks and allowing your body to regain strength is essential. By working continuously, you will become mentally and physically tired. You don’t want this during your songwriting process. You need a fresh mind to write good songs. Keep yourself energized.

Revisit work

Many great songwriters have indeed found their biggest hits while revisiting some of their old incomplete work. So it’s ok if some songs don’t work out. Don’t try too hard to finish it. You might just mess it up. When a big idea is not reaching its finale after days of hard work, maybe it’s time to move on and revisit this work later with a new angle.

Record every idea

Have you had any ‘Eureka’ moments in your life? As a songwriter, we get inspired by various things. You may be walking on the road when something you hear inspires you. Record it immediately. There are chances you are going to forget it. You have a tune in your head. Record the tune so you can listen to it later and use it well.

When creating a song, remember that the audience gives you 3 to 4 minutes of their precious time. Make songs that can influence your audience within these 3 to 4 minutes.

As a songwriter, you should create songs that connect with your audience on a personal level. Learn the craft well and keep things simple for your listener. Record your ideas immediately, and try to complete every song at your own pace. Don’t force it. Your song should sound effortless. You will face many hurdles during your songwriting process. Don’t feel discouraged. It takes practice and patience to improve yourself. So keep giving yourself chances to get better at it.

Learning and practicing can help you improve yourself at any skill. At Music4humans, you can choose your favorite teachers from the talented panel of music teachers for the subject that you would like to learn. Enroll yourself today and start your music training journey.

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