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How To Get More Students For Online Music Classes

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Here’s How To Get More Students For Online Music Classes

Write your blog, write your story!

What are blogs? These are posts based on a particular subject containing written matter along with images, videos, links, and references. Here we will talk about blogs relating to teaching music, guides to learning music and musical instrumentals, and similar topics.

Can writing music blogs help increase your reach among students? Definitely! By writing music blogs, readers will become familiar with you, and you will gain the trust of potential students. In addition, it is a great platform to introduce yourself, interact with your readers, and guide your students.
In Music4humans, students who wish to learn music prefer to select the music teachers whose profiles are among the top listings. So, if you are a registered music teacher with Music4humans, get your profile to rise above all other profiles by writing good music blogs and connecting with aspiring students.

It’s completely understandable to get intimidated by the idea of writing a blog. However, blog writing is no rocket science. If you are proficient in the music course you teach, then writing a blog should be a piece of cake. Here are some essential tips that can easily guide you to write an impactful music blog!


The title for your blog is the first thing that will capture the reader’s eyes. Hence, it should be crisp and intriguing.


Good quality content is everything! Your content should be interesting, valuable, and inspiring. Good quality content will attract more readers.

Keep in mind the following points while creating the content for your blog.

  1. Your music blog needs to be well organized and focused. Start by selecting an engaging topic. When writing a blog for the chosen topic, jot down the significant points you would like to include in your music blog. Next, build the framework for the blog. Connect the points and phrase your sentences in the best way possible. Your music blog should be well-curated and presented thoughtfully.
  2. Use simple language to express yourself, as many students may not be able to understand complex English. Importantly, avoid beating around the bush. Keep your blog to the point and easy to comprehend.
  3. A smart way to climb up in search results is to keep the excellent quality content at the beginning of the blog. Many people read only the initial paragraphs of an article. Also, if the reader finds it engaging, they will scroll down to read the entire blog.
  4. Read blogs written by your competitors and colleagues. Make sure your music blog is different and has a personal touch.
  5. Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. This may seem unappealing to many readers.


Keywords play a crucial role when writing blogs. Before beginning your blog writing venture, search for potential keywords based on your topic. How does this work? When a potential reader searches for a topic in the search engine with certain keywords, the search engine will show results that include the given keyword. So to rank high in the search results, you need to find out which keywords can attract traffic.
For example, if you are an online acoustic guitar teacher, you can include keywords such as “learn to play the acoustic guitar” or “online guitar classes”.
Insert the best keywords and phrases in your blog without compromising the quality of the blog.

The best way to find suitable keywords and phrases is to use a free tool like Free Keyword Research Tool from Wordtracker or KWFinder. Just type in the keywords like ‘violin classes’ and voila; you get to see the results in seconds. If you sort the list by volume of searches, you will understand why you need to choose certain keywords than what you had in mind. Apart from search volume, you need to include some long phrases or combination words because these phrases would have less keyword competition helping you to rank faster. In short, you need a mix of both.

Include images and links

Images and videos can make the blog very interesting to the reader and is another way To Get More Students For Online Music Classes. Include images relevant to your chosen topic. You can include descriptive videos from YouTube, etc., through links. You can also include audio clips. Direct your reader to your profile on the Music4humans website at the end of the blog.

Promote your blog on social media

You don’t want only individuals who visit the blog section of Music4humans to read your music blog. You need to widen your audience. For this, you need to promote your blog on your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Grab the attention of students who aspire to learn music and get more students to enroll in your music class. Another method to promote your blog and your music classes is to get reputable sites to add links to your blog page.

Want your teaching profile to be on the top of the search results at Music4humans? Just pick a topic related to the music course that you are teaching and start your blogging journey. Send us your blog, and we will publish it for you. You can view your blogs under your teacher profile and also share the link on your social media.

Would you like to become an online music teacher? Music 4 humans allow you to become a private instructor and take music lesson online for interested students. Sign up as a music teacher with Music4humans and share your knowledge with students who want to learn musical instruments and other aspects of music.

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