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August 14 4 days ago

How to promote your music successfully?

Do you want to start making money with the music you create? Do you want to gain popularity and have a huge fanbase? If you feel you need a professional to handle your promotions, think twice. As an upcoming musician, can you afford to hire a professional? When there are so many platforms and other methods these days to promote your music independently, why hire a professional to do it? Promoting your music needs perseverance and smartness. Many articles talk about promoting music. Most of these are outdated. You need to know what works in the current scenario. Here are some tips that can actually help you to promote your music successfully-

Create good music

Good music is the priority. The rest of the tips won’t work if you don’t get this right. Your music needs to catch the attention of your audience. Make sure every element in it is good. If you face any hurdles while making music, maybe it’s time to learn new aspects of music or revisit old music lessons.
Along with good music, you should have a unique style that will attract your potential audience. Find out what your audience is craving for and create music based on that in your style.
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Streaming platforms

Start signing up to streaming services that allow you to release music on the platform. You will be given access to many features and you will have other benefits. Some of the streaming platforms that you can try are Spotify, YouTube for artists, Apple music for artists, and Amazon music for artists. These platforms reach out to millions of listeners. Try getting your music into curated playlists. Getting even one track into such playlists will allow interested listeners to check out the rest of your music. This can help you gain good exposure. The genre of music is important. Try getting your track into a playlist that matches your genre.

Website and mailing list

Your fans should always be able to find you online. On your website, you can add basic information about yourself, your discography, and so much more. Making a website is crucial as it can help you stay connected with your fans and update them on your upcoming shows, tours, etc.
A mailing list is an important marketing strategy. Your website should have a sign-up form for interested listeners to subscribe to your music. This way you can keep them updated with your releases, show times, and other information regarding your music.

Press and blogs

Get featured in blogs and publications to promote your music and grow in your field. You can hire a professional to handle this for you. However, as an upcoming musician, you may not be able to afford it. You can do this independently by reaching out to bloggers and journalists.

Social media presence

Social media has become a powerful tool. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms to promote your music. Create interesting content to have a higher impact on your listeners. Having a consistent social media presence is essential to keep your fans engaged. Many useful articles talk about strategies that you can follow to have a successful social media presence.

Music video

Viral videos are so popular nowadays. You can create a good music video and it might just go viral. This will give you recognition. Your fanbase will increase and your fans will want to hear more from you. Your music video should be intriguing. Use a creative concept to attract more viewers. Your fans and other interested listeners should be able to view your video on your website. You can share small clips from your video, the making of the video, behind-the-scenes clips, and other interesting information about your music video on social media to attract more viewers and grow your fanbase.

Live shows

Connect with your audience by performing live. Start with local shows and grow your followers. After acquiring a larger fanbase, you can slowly start performing in bigger shows. You can update your subscribers with your upcoming live shows. Initially, you may be a bit anxious while performing live. However, you will slowly get better at it. You might even develop your unique performing style which will help you to grow in your music career.

During the initial stages of promoting your music, you may face challenges. Take time to make good music. Don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, you can become successful.

While you continue to promote your music, it is essential to keep learning your craft to grow in your field. At Music4humans, you can find various teachers who specialize in different music courses. Look for a music course that you wish to pursue and start perfecting your skill.

Music 4 Humans

July 28 3 weeks ago

Songwriting- Seven ways to be better at it

What made you pursue songwriting? Is it the fact that you can express yourself? Is it because it connects you with the listener? Would it make you feel great that you wrote a song that has a unique place in your audience’s heart? Songwriting is a challenging field where the audience’s perspective constantly changes with the times we live. Not every song becomes successful. There is no denying that practice makes you better at the skill but how else to become a better songwriter?
Here are seven easy tips-

Learn songwriting

You may have the talent. However, without a good command, your inherent talent can go wasted. Any raw talent needs to be molded properly. There are fundamental concepts for every subject. Songwriting, too, has certain principles. Following these principles results in good songs. If you are serious about getting better at songwriting, invest time and effort to learn the process. This will make you more organized and help you in the long run. Learn your craft well, and refine your knowledge.
Are you wondering where to learn songwriting? Music4humans is an excellent platform where you can learn songwriting from the best online teachers from around the world. Check out the various teachers who can guide you to be a better songwriter.

Connect with your audience

What makes us connect with a song? Our favorite songs usually tell us a story that we can relate to. It almost makes you feel that the song was written for you. It creates an impact on our minds. You need to tell your audience their story. Make your song about them. This compels them to listen to your song. The better you connect with them, the more they will listen to your music.

Keep it simple

All great songs are easy to understand. You don’t need an extensive vocabulary to write awesome lyrics. Adding complex elements to a song can make it incomprehensible to the listener. Keep your music simple. One catchy tune is all you need to create your next big hit!

Understand your favorite songs

Some songs have a great impact on us. They can have a huge influence on our lives. Why do you think that is? What makes these songs so special? As a songwriter, it is important to understand what makes a song so unique that it can be a huge part of your listener’s life. Break down your favorite songs and analyze them.
Go to musical shows that you like. This can get you inspired. You will be able to connect with the music and be able to understand your favorite songs better. Sometimes, going to shows of genres that may not be of your interest may also give you new ideas.

Take breaks

Not being able to complete a song does not mean you are a failure. It just means you need more time and maybe a different perspective. You may want to work continuously to complete your song. However, it is essential to take regular breaks and allow your body to regain its strength. By working continuously, you will become mentally and physically tired. You don’t want this during your songwriting process. You need a fresh mind to write good songs. Keep yourself energized.

Revisit work

Many great songwriters have indeed found their biggest hits while revisiting some of their old incomplete work. So it’s ok if some songs don’t work out. Don’t try too hard to finish it. You might just mess it up. When a big idea is not reaching its finale after days of hard work, maybe it’s time to move on and revisit this work later with a new angle.

Record every idea

Have you had any ‘Eureka’ moments in your life? As a songwriter, we get inspired by various things. You may be walking on the road when something you hear inspires you. Record it immediately. There are chances you are going to forget it. You have a tune in your head. Record the tune so that you can listen to it later and make good use of it.

When creating a song, remember that the audience gives you 3 to 4 minutes of their precious time. Make songs that can influence your audience within these 3 to 4 minutes.

As a songwriter, you should create songs that connect with your audience on a personal level. Learn the craft well and keep things simple for your listener. Record your ideas immediately, and try to complete every song at your own pace. Don’t force it. Your song should sound effortless. You will face many hurdles during your songwriting process. Don’t feel discouraged. It takes practice and patience to improve yourself. So keep giving yourself chances to get better at it.

Learning and practicing can help you improve yourself at any skill. At Music4humans, you can choose your favorite teachers from the talented panel of music teachers for the subject that you would like to learn. Enroll yourself today and start your music training journey.

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July 19 4 weeks ago

Things you need to know when learning music theory

Do you like listening to music? Do you wonder how it is made? Have you tried breaking down a musical composition to analyze how the various elements are arranged to create the ensemble? Some of us don’t really care about the process; we just enjoy the results and listen to the music. Others are more involved in the creation of music. They are keen to find out how each musical composition is constructed. Music is a language and like every other language music has certain fundamental concepts which help musicians express themselves better. Music theory allows musicians to understand music better. If you are in the process of learning music or learning to play a musical instrument, then here are the basics you need to know about music theory.

What is music theory?

Music theory explains what exactly goes on behind the musical compositions and how it is created. Although it is an extensive topic, the three main elements of music theory include- harmony, melody, and rhythm.

  1. Harmony- When listening to your favorite song, you may have realized that different notes, chord progressions, and vocals complement one another. In other words, all the sounds that we hear in a musical composition harmonize to evoke an emotion within us. There are two types of harmonies. Dissonant harmonies are harmonies that are not very pleasing to hear, whereas consonant harmonies are pleasing to our ears. You can combine these two to create an interesting musical composition.
  2. Rhythm- The repeated pattern found in a musical composition is the rhythm. Rhythm happens to be a very important aspect of music.
  3. Melody- Do you keep humming a tune you like? You may view the tune as a whole. When you break it down, you’ll realize that it is made using a sequence of notes. Melody is a series of notes that form a tune. A musical instrument or the voice can create a vibration known as pitch. Pitch and rhythm are the two main elements of a melody.

Is it important to learn it? Can it be helpful?

Is it a necessity for every aspiring musician to learn music theory? Not really. But is it beneficial? Yes, absolutely! It is advisable to learn music theory from a professional music instructor during your music training. The advantages of learning it are highly underrated.
Some musicians assume that learning music theory and practicing it might curb their creativity. However, this is not true. Learning the fundamental concepts of a subject will make you more refined in the subject and will enhance your creativity.

Learning music theory even through online music theory classes from private instructors can be useful while learning music and during music production. It can help you to achieve the right emotion while composing music.
The idea of learning music theory may not be very exciting, but it can be very fruitful and rewarding in the long run. Many experienced and advanced musicians go through a phase where they lack inspiration and creativity. You can get inspiration for your music by revisiting the fundamentals of music and relearning music theory.

While learning music or while learning to play a musical instrument, music theory can be helpful. When learning your craft, why not do it properly? It can speed up the learning process and can also refine your knowledge.

What is the best way to learn music theory?

Learning music theory is a slow process. You need to understand each concept, practically apply it, and continuously practice it. If you are looking to learn music theory as a beginner, it might be a little confusing as it is a vast subject and you may not know where to begin. Also, the learning process can be a bit challenging. However, if you are a dedicated and passionate student then with a good music theory teacher to guide you, it may not be so difficult.
Are you wondering where to learn music theory? In the current scenario, you can learn it through online courses from experienced music instructors. Check out the various teachers at Music4humans who are skilled at teaching music theory through online courses.

Pre-pandemic, students rarely chose online lessons as they felt that the quality of learning may not be at par with offline classes. However, during the pandemic, online classes have become very popular and people have started pursuing their hobbies through online lessons. One of the biggest advantages of online classes and the concept of distant learning is that you can learn from teachers from any part of the world sitting at home.

At Music4humans, you can learn music, music theory, musical instrument, music production, and so much more from experienced, talented, and inspiring music teachers from any part of the world. Take a look at the various courses that are offered at Music4humans and start your music learning journey.


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June 29 2 months ago

The 5 big advantages of online music lessons

The pandemic has indeed changed our lives exponentially. Work from home and distant learning has become the “new normal”. Nowadays, thanks to technological advancements, we can do almost everything online. The pandemic has opened new opportunities. Many have started pursuing their hobbies and learning new skills. Learning music through online music courses has gained popularity during the pandemic. Many aspiring musicians are following the trend and opting for online music lessons.

Here are some advantages of online music classes.

Flexible hours

For some who want to learn music or learn a musical instrument, work hours are an issue. With online music classes, you can choose your timings based on your routine. Also, many have an existing schedule throughout their day and since offline classes have an already listed schedule, it might be hard for them to attend the classes. These students can choose online music training courses where they can plan their classes around their existing schedule.

Time-saving and cost-saving

Time is an essential factor when learning music. You need to dedicate a lot of time to your practice sessions. Many, who have a tight routine, may not be able to practice regularly. Without practice, your music training journey will remain incomplete. Some aspiring musicians and parents who want their children to learn music or learn to play a musical instrument may not be able to afford all the expenses. Learning music online is a perfect solution to solve all these issues. Let us address each problem in detail-

  1. Online music course materials
    For online music classes, you won’t have to purchase books and study materials. Course materials are usually shared online by the music instructors with the students. These music course materials can be saved and viewed at your convenience. This saves a lot of cost and students can re-visit the study materials at any point in their life.
  2. Travel and transportation
    When choosing an offline class, we need to consider the availability of transport, the transport cost, and the travel time. With online music classes, you don’t need to worry about traveling and transportation. You can save this cost and invest it in enhancing your skills. As you won’t need to travel anywhere for your online lessons, you can focus more on the learning process.
  3. More time for practice
    As mentioned above, online music lessons will give you more time in hand to do other work. Warming up before a music class and practicing everything you have learned after the session is very important when learning music or when learning a musical instrument. You can use the extra time to warm up before the class and practice your craft.

Quality learning from the best music teachers

Many students, who have great potential, lack the means to get a good music teacher who can guide them in their music training journey. The full extent of their potential remains untapped. Online music classes, allow you to learn music from highly experienced and skilled music instructors from anywhere around the world. This results in quality education for the right value. You can be selective about your music training course and your music instructor.

Are you looking for a private music instructor who teaches music online? Look at the various music teachers at Music4humans who can provide you with quality guidance.

Attend online music lessons from anywhere

Often we see that people who keep traveling for business-related issues and children who keep traveling due to their parents’ work commitments may not be able to enroll themselves in offline classes. Due to this, many may not pursue their hobbies and grow their skills. For children, specifically, continuously changing music teachers affect their music training. Online music courses are the best solution in such circumstances. It allows you to learn from your favorite music teacher and from anywhere in the world.

Learn at your speed

Music is an art form. Art does not encourage competition. We often make the mistake of comparing ourselves with others, due to which we either become overconfident about our knowledge or we start feeling inferior to our peers. With private online music classes, there is no question of comparison. You can learn at a speed that is comfortable for you. To achieve success in your music training journey, qualitative learning is essential.

Pre-pandemic, many may have been skeptical about taking online classes to acquire a skill. The pandemic has been an eye-opener for many who chose to study online. They have found it to be more effective than offline classes.
Online music classes have proven to be more beneficial for students as they can channel their creativity in a better manner. Many students have been able to master their skills by refining their craft.

At Music4humans, there are plenty of music courses available that are taught by some of the best teachers from around the world. If you are interested, check out the different music courses and the music teachers at Music4humans and enroll yourself today!

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June 29 2 months ago

Nylon-string vs steel-string acoustic guitar for beginners

If you have chosen to learn the acoustic guitar, you are in for a fun and interesting journey. To purchase a good guitar for your acoustic guitar lessons, you need to understand the different types of acoustic guitars and the types of strings used. In this article, you will learn more about acoustic guitars, nylon strings, and steel strings. We will also give you the basic differences between nylon strings and steel strings in acoustic guitars which will certainly help you to decide which is best for you.

What is an acoustic guitar? How is it different from other guitars?

In an acoustic guitar, the sound produced through the vibrations of the strings is amplified without any external electronic amplifier. The sound box is the hollow body of the guitar. The soundboard is the front of the guitar’s body. These amplify the sound of the guitar. The strings and the hollow body of the guitar play a huge role while playing the acoustic guitar.
The top of the guitar is generally made using spruce or cedar. Some low-cost guitars may be constructed with laminates.

Electro-acoustic guitars or acoustic-electric guitars have electronics fitted to them so that they can be connected to an amplifier. We should not confuse these with the semi-acoustic guitar which is an electric guitar with a hollow body that allows the guitar to produce a warmer sound.
Electric guitars do not have a chamber that allows the sound to resonate. They are connected to an external amplifier. Hence the sound can be modified too. Electric guitars are usually played using a pick.

Acoustic guitars are usually made with nylon strings or steel strings. Generally, when we refer to acoustic guitars, it is with steel strings. The nylon-string acoustic guitar is referred to as classical guitar.

Nylon-string vs steel-string acoustic guitar

Nylon strings result in warm, mellow sounds which are good for classical and folk music. These guitars have a smaller body and a wider neck. The wide neck allows more spacing between the strings. For beginners who are trying to learn the acoustic guitar with nylon strings, this may be advantageous.

Steel-string acoustic guitars produce a brighter and more powerful sound as compared to guitars with nylon strings. They have a larger body and many come with pickguards to protect them.

Which is better for beginners?

When you start to learn the acoustic guitar, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Here are some aspects that you need to consider while purchasing your first guitar for your lessons-

  1. Finger or pick
    Musicians usually use fingers to play classical guitars with nylon strings. Using a pick can damage the instrument. So when choosing your guitar as a beginner, you need to consider whether you will be using your fingers or a pick. If choosing a steel-string acoustic guitar, then be sure to have sore fingers during your music training journey as steel strings have a lot of tension and you will need to pluck the strings with greater effort. Nylon strings may be softer for your fingers especially when you are just beginning your guitar training course. Some musicians even grow fingernails and use them to play the guitar.
  2. Music genre
    As you already know, nylon-string acoustic guitar and steel-string acoustic guitar produce different sounds. So, you should decide the type of guitar based on the kind of music you would like to play.

Choosing the right kind of guitar for your music classes is extremely important. During the initial days of your guitar lessons or your guitar training course, you may face some challenges. Purchasing a good guitar can solve most of these challenges.

Although, you can learn to play the guitar through self-learning, for proper guidance it is advisable to book a professional guitar teacher who can help you throughout your music training journey. A good private instructor can make your guitar learning process easier and faster.

Online guitar lessons

The pandemic has curbed our freedom by keeping us within our homes. However, in a positive light, it has opened new possibilities using technological advancements. People who were once skeptical about learning music through online classes have started pursuing their passion through various online music courses. In general, students aspiring to learn music or to learn a musical instrument have been finding private online music lessons to be more effective and flexible.

Online guitar courses for aspiring guitarists have become quite popular in recent times. If you are looking for a good guitar teacher to help you learn the acoustic guitar, check out the experienced and skilled guitar instructors at Music4humans who teach online guitar lessons for various skill levels. Book your favorite teacher today.